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iRecommend, Inc, a Philippine based corporation established in 2013, operates the social shopping site (Reeco). Reeco is an online shopping platform with a recommendation engine as its core and social media features. It allow members to recommend products from Reeco and from other shopping sites, thereby helping the community of shoppers find the products they are looking for. 


Our aim is to create a community of loyal and happy members that help each other have the best online shopping experience.

Market We Cater

We cater to the discerning young and the young-at-heart crowd who wants the best things in life. Connoiseurs of the latest and stylish gadgets, hip & trendy fashions. Our members love to socialize, keep up-to-date with the latest products and are excited to share about their recommendations.

What We Offer

Reeco provides a venue for online shoppers to recommend and to find recommendations from other shoppers. Reeco is also online shopping and an online marketspace site that offers a wide range of products from different categories such as gadgets, home & living, beauty, gift items, fashion and accessories. 

Social Media

Reeco has social network features that you can use. You can register or login via your Facebook and Google+ accounts. Create your own profile page and upload your photos. Share and upload product recommendations that you see from different physical and online stores. Share collections, recommendations, product reviews, and product purchases. Set the privacy settings of your profile based on what you want to share. Follow other members’ profile page and keep up to date with their reecommendations through the feed tab. Invite your friends to join Reeco.

Aside from Reeco's own social network features, you can also find familiar social networks' features such as Facebook Like or Share, Facebook Comments and Twitter Tweets.