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Alteam ANP-777 Noise-cancelling Headphones

High definition sound standard, Euphony 3D sound technology headphones

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Availability: In Stock

PHP 1,750.00

PHP 4,984.00

-PHP 3,234.00

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Alteam ANP-777 Noise-cancelling Headphones

  • EUPHONY 3D Sound Technology provides excitement to music and movies.
  • HDSS® Sound Technology enables listeners to experience a clearly real-time presence.
  • 3D sound provides three listening modes : stereo, music and movie
  • Reducing ambient noise by 90%
  • Comfortable protein ear cushion

3D Sound Effect Modes:

  • Red: Default (Noise Cancelling is On)
  • Green: Stereo
  • Orange Yellow: Music
  • Blue: Movie

Technical Specifications

Driver Units

  • 40mm

Frequency Range

  • 10Hz~25KHz


  • 50Ω


  • 100dB


  • 120 mW

Plug Type

  • 3.5mm


  • AAA*2
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Yugatech Quick Review Summary
Added: 2015-01-05 Updated: 2015-01-05
The Alteam ANP-777 is for users who want an easy-to-bring pair of cans with good music quality. Its all-plastic frame makes sure it’s lightweight, although those looking for a premium feel might be disappointed with it. With a discounted price of Php4,485.60, the Alteam ANP-777 lets you specifically choose different sound for different use by digitally processing it. So if you’re a fan of personally tweaking your music to your liking and you have the spare money, you might want to give this a shot. It acts as a good partner during long commutes with its lightweight body and foldable cups that store easily in its included hard case.

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Value for your money!
Added: 2014-06-12 Updated: 2014-06-12
Overall, the ALTEAM ANP-777 is a great piece of equipment to have. If you're the type that enjoys listening to music while on the go, then this is the perfect companion for you. The ALTEAM ANP-777 provides a snug and secure fit to the head, making it an appropriate travel buddy. It also has noise cancellation capabilities which gets rid of unwanted distractions that a long commute may entail. If you want to take a break from listening, you don't need to have the headset hang around your neck since ALTEAM ANP-777 comes with its own carry case. You also have a choice of making use of either a straight or a coiled cord. Feel free to switch cords depending your preference. A volume control dial is also conveniently placed on the underside of the right earpiece which gives you ease of access if you want to either tone down a bit or crank it up a notch. If you're more of a minimalist, then you may find this piece of equipment to be a bit bulky for your portfolio. In terms of sound however, you can never go wrong with the ALTEAM ANP-777 as it delivers superb sound quality and definitely value for your money.
Great Sound Quality with Noise Reduction
Added: 2013-12-04 Updated: 2013-12-04
This is a great set of headphones. Sound is clear even at high ranges. Sound quality is just great. 3D sound increases the volume and richness of the sound but may have too much echo at times. It works without batteries when noise reduction is off. Be careful not to leave the noise reduction on when not in use as it will drain the batteries.
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Alteam ANP-777 Noise-cancelling Headphones

Alteam ANP-777 Noise-cancelling Headphones

High definition sound standard, Euphony 3D sound technology headphones

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